Body Transformation Challenge

The Kettlercise® 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge is  different because it’s NOT just a weight loss competition its designed to do exactly what it say on the tin and that’s ‘transform your body in 12 Weeks’.

During 2012-2013 Kettlercise ran their first Body transformation Challenge. Over four 12 week Phases men and women all over the country have embraced Kettlercise and seen amazing body transformation results.

Challenge entries have been a mix of Kettlercise class participants, Kettlercise DVD users and a combination of the two. All have been attending the equivalent of at least 2-3 50min classes per week to see the weight and inch loss results shown in the photos below.


“My outlook on life has totally changed and I tell everyone about Kettlercise®.  I’m so glad the pictures were taken beforehand (I was totally embarrassed) as you don’t realise just what you have achieved until you see the ‘now’ pictures side by side with the before pictures. – BIG self esteem boost.  Kettlercise has had a HUGE effect on me I love it, its given me and continues to give me so much confidence in myself . – WENDY DAVIES,  PHASE 1, 1st PRIZE WINNER £1,000.00’s.

For more information about Wendy and her fabulous results, check out the article from Body Fit magazine at the bottom of the page.


On average the 2 phase winners lost a staggering 22 inches from their bodies - that’s a MASSIVE 1 Foot and 10 inches of them gone from all the right

places! 6.5 inches alone lost from just their waists, that’s a good ½ a foot from around their middles. Just imagine what that does to your dress size!

4 ¼ inches lost from their hips, a 1/3 of a foot, amazing!  But perhaps THE biggest surprise was the 4 ¾ inches lost from EACH Thigh.

I am so grateful & thankful to Kettlercise for giving me the opportunity to take part in the challenge, it has changed my life in many ways and taught me all I need to know about diet and exercise to stay fit and healthy……I am proof that if you put the work in you can achieve anything, I feel empowered and I just don’t want to stop.  Even though my challenge has finished I think Kettlercise will always be a big part of my life and I know I will keep seeing improvements.” – SAMANTHA FORWARD,  PHASE 2 1st PRIZE WINNER £1,000.00’s.

Samantha and her amazing Body Transformation story is featured in May's edition of 'Health and Fitness', check out the article at the bottom of the page.



Well done Paul, we definitely think that Paul looks like a different person and in Paul's words "this has been a life changing experience for me and one that I have enjoyed immensely."

In Jay’s words ” I have tried numerous things to lose wight over the years such as the main slimming clubs…………Kettlercise works and I am proof that it has worked where other methods have failed“.

Nicola DIDN’T set herself a weight loss target as she didn’t know what was possible but took the decision to commit to the challenge to ‘see what happened and to trust that the changes would come’!!

In Nicola’s words “From someone that hasn’t exercised in over 10 years the difference in how I look and feel is incredible.  I’m back in to jeans that I wore years ago (…..but they are now getting too big) I’ve got a proper shape back with a waist and a flat stomach.

I would never have believed that Kettlercise® would make such a difference to me AND that I would enjoy it!!”

The challenge has been re-launched for 2013-2014 with a Mini Cooper or £15,000 for the overall challenge winner!!

To enter click on the link below for your challenge pack, hopefully see you at a class soon to begin your Body transformation journey...

Click here for your Body Transformation Challenge Entry Pack


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